Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Spry! Receipts so digestible, even a child can eat 'em.

Why it has taken me so long to post the cover of Aunt Jenny's cookbook, I cannot say. Calvin seems really, really happy here. Perhaps Aunt Jenny let him lick the frostin' bowl last time she was makin' frostin'. Or perhaps he's just thrilled that every meal involves shortening. (Shortenin'?) But I have questions.

1. Why is he so skinny?

2. And wearin' lipstick?

3. If Aunt Jenny has written the cookbook that Calvin is readin' right now that he himself is on, and that picture is holding a cookbook with himself on it, how is space/time not fracturin'? Remember, the back of the cookbook also has an infinite time loop.

4. Has Aunt Jenny constructed a Paradox Machine, or is she a witch?

5. If option one, is it powered by Spry?

6. If option two, is she powered by Spry?

Also: "Receipts...so digestible a child can eat 'em." Discuss.

Next time: A Spry meal. Oh yes.


Nonna Beach said...

This whole scenario reminds me of the late '50s and early '60s when we had drop drills at school and the Government told us we all could survive a nuclear blast and radioactive fallout...yeah right !!!!

Jana said...

Regardless, I'm sure Spry could survive a nuclear blast and radioactive fallout.

Nonna Beach said...

Very true Jana...Spry would probably survive...I ate Spry laden foods as a kid and I'm still here !!!

Jenny Jo said...

Many good questions, Jana. Perhaps Calvin's essence has been diluted by the infinite recursion of his likeness. Also note his curiously abbreviated necktie. Only Spry can help!

I got curious about "recipe" vs. "receipt" and found this article about it: http://www.worldwidewords.org/qa/qa-rec1.htm Maybe "receipt" is just part of Aunt Jenny's folksy way of talkin'?

Lastly, I'd like to note the ooey-gooey putty-like surface of that piecrust. Deelicious!

I'm still enjoying your blog a lot. Keep 'em comin'.

Jana said...

You make a good point about Calvin. Two good points, actually. Yes. I will adopt this theory of infinite recursion.

Yup, receipt is indeed an older version of "recipe". That is fine, I have no problem with that. The part that gives me pause about that statement is why Spry makes her food "digestible". What does that even MEAN? Is Spry made of fiber? Does it help slick down the intestinal tract? We may never know. We also may never know where all her -g's have gone.

That pie crust DOES look a little off, doesn't it?