Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Aunt Jenny Starts A Bride Off Right

sprynewbride-2.jpg picture by seshet27

sprynewbride-1.jpg picture by seshet27

Spry is a brand of shortening. Please to note:

1. The back of the cookbook she is reading has this comic on it. Which I got off the back of the cookbook. Oh man.

2. The eyes.

3. The facial expressions in panels 3 and 4. In panel 4, he appears to be trying to eat her face. Maybe she uses Spry as a cosmetic?

Dear readers, I ask of you a favor. These words, they clearly do not match the pictures. Please write for me what the words should be.


Heavenly said...

I'm game, but give me a bit of time.

Anonymous said...

It DOES require thought. But I feel confident you'll think of something great. :D

Talamante said...

I was thinking about it...but all I can come up with are naughty scenarios...sorry...It's just too fun with the gestures they are making!

Jana said...

You naughty thing. ;)

4. "Gee dear, lately I've had the uncontrollable desire to eat off your face!" "Thank Aunt Jenny and Spry. Spry makes the grandest face lotion! Now my face is so moist and digestible!"