Tuesday, May 18, 2010

For the Family of 4

Here, at last, in part four of four, we reach the end of our heroine's tale. Gone the solitude of singlehood, gone the first blush of honeymoon, gone the frustration of early marriage. Now our happy couple, along with young Jeff and little Eileen, are comfortably content. While young Jeff was devastated when Nibbles joined Mitzi in the garden out back, both he and little Eileen love their less nibbly dog, Sassy. The whole family enjoys an al fresco meal outside, with lemonade, fresh fruits, and baked goods. Sadly, there will be no hamburgers. She did warn him not to use so much lighter fluid. Sure, Eileen has forgotten pants again, but there will be time enough to fix that (and to hose away Sassy's cookie vomit) later.

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