Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Automobile Picnic

Mrs. Allen on Cooking, Menus, Service [1924]

picture from Good Housekeeping, September 1929

Automobile Luncheons

These may be easily packed in ready-made kits obtained at almost any price, or in a suitcase partitioned off at home for the purpose. All dishes should be of paper, folding knives, spoons, and forks may be carried. The points to be considered in planning the menu are to select foods that may be easily transported and to balance the meal.

A course meal may be provided if desired, soup carried in a hot-cold bottle. Meat loaf, fried chicken, broiled chicken, sliced roast beef or ham may act as the main course, or a meat or egg salad may take its place, lettuce being carried separately.

If desired, a substantial course may be made of sandwiches. (For suggestions see chapter on Sandwiches.) The dessert may consider of fruit and any cake or pie that is not sticky. Or use cookies, gingerbread, plain or jelly doughnuts.

Menus for Informal Outdoor Meals
Park, Roof or Piazza

Cold Broiled Chicken
Potato Salad
Bread-and-Butter Sandwiches
Apple Pie and Cheese

Sliced Meat Loaf
Potato Chips
Sliced Tomatoes
Nut Bread Sandwiches
Jelly Doughnuts

Boston Baked Beans
Buttered Brown-Bread Sandwiches
Tomato-and-Lettuce Salad
Peach Ice Cream


~~louise~~ said...

It's difficult for me to focus on that menu while that chocolate covered cream donut is calling my name:)

GREAT post, Jana...thanks for sharing...

Bethany said...

Did KFC exist back in 1929 or did you bring it with you in your time machine?

Jana said...

Louise, you should go on a picnic, and eat donuts.

Bethany: Neither! We bought it at the deli. In 1929.

Blanka said...

Lovely picnic menu!
I am never sure about picnic menu. I never know what to take there.
Thanks for posting.

Jana said...

Hopefully Mrs. Allen was able to help. :D