Friday, July 22, 2011

Effervescing Jelly Drink

Mrs. Beecher's Domestic Receipt Book [1850]

I am on a roll! Let us try again at effervescing beverages.

Effervescing Jelly Drinks.
When jams or jellies are too old to be good for table use, mix them with good vinegar, and then use them with soda, or saleratus*, as directed above.

Verdict: While better than the Effervescing Fruit Drink, still not great. The sugar in the strawberry jam helped somewhat, as did my adding of much, much less vinegar. It does fizz entertainingly, though. I shall experiment sometime with some sort of fruity syrup in a last attempt to make this tasty.

*The naturally occurring form of baking soda.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried Fruit Shrubs? That might be what this recipe is, just called by another name. Shrubs are a fruit syrup with vinegar added and are refreshing on a hot day. Club soda and ice are added to one tablespoon ( I think) of syrup.

Jana said...

Yes, I have. If you like, please view the results here: