Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Home Cooking: 1910

Kitchenpreview.jpg picture by seshet27

Gorgeous! Look at Shorpy's label, though: "
Circa 1910. Mixing up a big batch of 'Salmonella Surprise.'" Oh my golly gosh, this nice looking lady has a raw fowl (duck?) on her table! How dirty and ignorant she must be. She will surely kill everyone in her household with diseases.

Geez. She probably just got through de-feathering the thing. Cut her a break!


Nonna Beach said...

That lady depicts my great grandma in her kitchen in 1910 perfectly. What a busy, exhausting life women lead. I can't hold a candle to the guts it took to survive back then !

Anonymous said...

Of course photos such as things weren't often completely accurate. She would never have dirtied the table cloth with a raw chook.

Jana said...

Looks like there's a plate under it, maybe.