Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In which I try not to whine about my tiny apartment kitchen

Sometimes I get cranky about the size of my itty apartment kitchen, the teeny tiny stove, the lack of a pantry, the weird sliding particle board doors, etc.

Kitchen.jpg picture by seshet27

Then I look at pictures like this:

23109apreview.jpg picture by seshet27
July 1937. Washington, D.C. "Mrs. Claude Pepper, wife of the Senator from Florida." (Thanks Shorpy.com)

And this:
29202upreview.jpg picture by seshet27
Washington Times. Interior, Hamilton Street house, circa 1920

And even this:
8a01641upreview.jpg picture by seshet27
A 12-year-old girl in a family of nine cooks a meal in a rude, open lean-to hut in Tennessee. The family lives in an open field near the Tennessee River. (1936)

And I feel pretty darn lucky!


Jenny Jo said...

Yeah, it's very strange that counter-top space seems to have been so late an invention. I wonder what it was that precipitated the metamorphosis of the kitchen into the modern design.

That last picture is dismal, but I'm intrigued by her oven setup.

And, lastly, is that a trifle dish I spy atop your kitchen cabinets? When are you going to make us a trifle?

Jana said...

I don't know how people got along without counterspace! Probably used their kitchen tables more. Which means you'd have to clean up before eating. Which would be annoying, but the kitchen would probably stay cleaner!

It is a trifle dish! Good eyes. I really must make a trifle some time.

Jenny Jo said...

Hmm, but maybe instead of eating at your kitchen table, you would eat in...your dining room! Ah, the good old days.

I'm highly sensitized to trifle dishes. I have one (wedding loot) that I've never used. It weighs on me.

Jana said...

Well, certainly if you were rich enough! And presumably, you'd have a cook..... HMMMM...

Such a shame about the trifle dish! Trifles are delicious.

Nonna Beach said...

That last photo is bleak indeed...makes my kitchen look like a palace !!!

You do such amazing things in your kitchen so what if it's itty bity. I have a very small kitchen with very little counter space and limited cupboard space too. It's the quality of what you cook and bake there, not the size that matters...

And while we are on the subject of Trifles, I'd like to see your lonely Trifle bowl filled to the brim with deliciousness too !

Jana said...

Well, with two votes now I've got to make a trifle some time!