Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New England: The Cradle of American Cookery

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'K. New England? So much great stuff. The cradle of American cookery, it is not. Puritan recipes generally go like this:

1. Is it food? If yes, move to #2.
2. Boil it.
3. Yes, lettuce is food.

But, as ever in this particular cookbook, a fantastic job on that line drawing! Look at all those details on this couple going to a fancy dress party as Pilgrims. Bless them, they've even got buckle shoes and a buckle hat!


nali said...

And a tiny spinning wheel teetering dangerously overhead! What's that about?

Jana said...

I do not know, but it seems most unsafe.

Tami said...

I recently bought one of these cookbooks at a thrift store. Unfortunately it is missing like the 1st 50 pages or so. Any idea where I can locate these pages. Thanks in advance. Email me at cr8tvxtwo@aol.com

Jana said...

Nope. eBay?