Thursday, October 7, 2010

Peaches and Cream

Ah, a timeless recipe. A simple thing, with simple ingredients. When done right, it is very, very right. When done wrong, it is merely fine. Follow these directions precisely, and you will be filled with happiness. Stray, and you will say to yourself, "What's the big deal?"

IMG_3803-1.jpg picture by seshet27

Peaches and Cream
-Peaches: Tree-ripened. Not picked green and ripened in a warehouse. This is important.
-Nutmeg: Freshly ground. Find yourself a whole nutmeg and grate it. Its fragrance will make your bottle of it seem like dust. For baking, fine. But this deserves better.
-Cream: No backtalk!

Peel and slice the peaches. Sprinkle with sugar and grate nutmeg on top. Pour milk over the top, much like you are about to eat the peaches like cereal. Which you are. Drizzle with cream. Heavy cream. Yes. Do it. It is a drizzle. You will be fine. Eat without regret or guilt, but with joy and thanksgiving.


Bethany said...

That looks like WAY more than a drizzle ....

Jana said...

Way less, actually. That was on a day when I was sadly out of cream, and so had to have adequate peaches instead of stellar peaches.

Nonna Beach said...

AHHHH, peaches and cream with fresh ground nutmeg...lead me to it !!!

I am so glad you are feeling better and back posting !


Jana said...

Me too!

Miss Kagashi said...

I tried this with strawberries and it was lovely! I'll have to try it in summer when Michigan's cherry crop comes in.

Jana said...

Oooh, cherries and cream would be delightful!

Miss Kagashi said...

Oh man. Ohmanohman Jana. I just moved to Georgia for an internship and had a bowlful of fresh Georgia peaches and cream. I think I heard choirs of angels and fireworks andand... let's just say I was saddened when I lapped up the last of the creamy-nutmeggy residue from the bottom of the bowl.

Jana said...

I'm pretty jealous right now. That last sip of stuff at the bottom, with peach juice and a few undissolved sugar crystals, is to die for.