Monday, January 17, 2011

TTK wants YOU... to guest post.

Some of you may be wondering why the time machine has not appeared in a while. This is because it is malfunctioning. Until I can get it tweaked, posting for the next while may not be as timely as usual.

Consequently, I would be delighted to have a guest post from you! Try something out, and send pictures and your thoughts to: timetravelkitchen AT gmail DOT com. In return, you will receive the glory and admiration of the internet!

*Nothing after the 1980's
*It has to be something you haven't done before.

*Your cookbook shelf
*Your library's cookbook shelf
*Your parents' or grandparents' cookbook shelf
*Feeding America (highly recommended)
*Project Gutenberg: Cookery Shelf (highly recommended)
*Things A Lady Would Like to Know [1876]
*Mrs. Beeton's
*Advertising Cookbook Collection
*Food Rationing Pamphlets


Bethany said...

I shall take you up on this challenge!

Jana said...


Nonna Beach said...

How long are you going to run this challenge ? I would love to give your challenge a go in February. Is that O.K. ?

Besides, our time machine here is being used by another family member for an extended trip who knows where...just a note was left saying "See you in early February" No adverse time ripples or time line changes yet, thank goodness !!!

Jana said...

It will run as long as I have people wishing to participate, and February would be lovely.

Be careful of souvenirs!

Nonna Beach said...

Awesome...thanks for the warning about souvenirs...hadn't thought of that LOL !

Kathleen said...

G and I may have some fun, we shall see. I do have a smashing cookbook from the 1960's of casserole recipes compiled by Home Ec teachers from all over.

Jana said...


Nonna Beach said...

OooooooOOOOOh, Kathleen...what a they name the teachers in the cookbook ? I would love to know if any of my Home Ec teachers from the '60's were contributors to that cookbook !

Kathleen said...

Indeed, names are listed. Sort of.
In old fashioned style. For example, my 8th Grade Home Ec teacher's name was Karen Henderson, but in this book she would have been listed as Mrs. Clyde Henderson. (or whatever her spouse's name was.)

Kaylene said...

Oh I have some fun old recipes, lol! I don't know where those books are though or if I even have them anymore... Maybe I need to go to the DI again, I found some AWESOME old recipe books there a few years ago.

Jana said...

DI is super awesome for cookbooks.

jaimilyn said...

Hmm, I seem to remember a "Cooking For Two" recipe book sitting around my mom's house that she received as a wedding present. I shall endeavor to find it next time I visit and if it hasn't disintegrated yet (or maybe her casserole one is still there...) I'll send you the results. Disastrous is better, right? :)

Jana said...

Awesome! I like both disastrous AND surprisingly tasty.