Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Country Kitchen: 1936

Original at Shorpy.com

This woman is making butter. And lucky her, she's got a crank butter churn! The butter I churned in the 1870's took a lot longer. I churned butter on a farm in WWI, and they had an awesome butter churn with a gear ratio of 3:1, thus making the chore 3x faster than the effort I had to expend.

Next time: A full-meal post, to include cake. Hooray!


Nonna Beach said...

Glad most of us don't have to do that chore anymore. It is a lot of work. The only times I ever made butter was when I was a teacher. My classes made butter in baby food jars at Thanksgiving time.

Jana said...

Ah, butter in the baby food jar. Always a classic!