Thursday, November 4, 2010

Banana Chocolate Malted Milk


I am a lucky girl, for because I have a grandma who loves me and got a degree in Home Economics in the 40's. As a consequence, I now have a whole stack of little informational booklets on just about every food group! Hooray! Even better, Refrigerator Desserts are a food group.

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Banana Milk Shake
1 fully ripe banana
1 cup cold milk

Slice banana into a bowl and beat with rotary beater until creamy, or press banana through coarse sieve. Add milk, mix thoroughly and serve at once. Serve cold. Serves 2. Add 1 large tablespoon vanilla ice cream.
Banana Chocolate Malted Milk--Add 4 teaspoons chocolate malted milk and 1/4 teaspoon vanilla.

There will be no doubt as to whose milk shake is whose if the names are on little parasols
(I forgot to put my name on the parasol, so I am telling you now it is MINE. ALL FOR ME.)

Verdict: Mmmmmmmmmm. This stuff is great. I used a blender instead of messing about with a sieve, because that's just silly. There was no vanilla ice cream in my freezer for garnishing the top, but I did mix about a half tablespoon of heavy cream in. I love cream. It's not a thick ice creamy milkshake, it is just a little thick from the banana. Reminds me of a beverage I had at Jamba Juice once, or like an icy cold banana-y hot chocolate. I plan on making this again, possibly with an ice cube or two blended in.

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