Thursday, November 18, 2010

Grapefruit Imperial

sugarcover.jpg picture by seshet27

IMG_4615.jpg picture by seshet27

Do you remember Sugar Girl and her Anthropomorphic Zoo Animals, and I said I had lost the cookbook? Good news! I found it. Hooray! This is a cookbook produced by the Imperial Sugar company, and features many recipes for children that each involve large amounts of sugar. Awesome!

Grapefruit Imperial

You will need:
2 grapefruit
Imperial Brown Sugar
Maraschino cherries
Knife, citrus knife, measuring spoons, aluminum foil, pot holder

Work plan:
Place sheet of aluminum foil over grill of broiler pan. Turn on broiler, asking for help from mother if necessary. [It was not necessary.] Slice grapefruit in half. Cut around each section and remove the center. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon Imperial Brown Sugar over top of each grapefruit half. Arrange grapefruit halves on broiler pan and place under broiler. Cook until sugar melts and edge of grapefruit turns delicate brown [about 10 minutes]. Remove from broiler. Put 1 cherry in center of each half.

Should be served at once. Serves four. Grapefruit Imperial is delicious at breakfast but is also good at other meals.

Sprinkle grapefruit halves with grated orange rind when grapefruit are almost ready. Return to broiler and finish cooking.

Use foil covered muffin tin, rather than broiler pan.

Verdict: It does look festive, doesn't it? This would be lovely for a fancy breakfast. Some of the sugar pooled up and caramelized like on the top of creme brulee. I still prefer icy cold grapefruit with a sprinkle of sugar, but this was an interesting change. And it's got a cherry on top!


Jessica Johns Pool said...

I too love old cookbooks. I have a newer version of Imperial Sugar's My First Cookbook and an ancient (aka, 1960s) Dixie Crystals cookbook shaped like a sugar box. Love them both!

Jana said...

Nice! That Dixie Crystals cookbook sounds cool.

Nonna Beach said...

I love an ice cold grapefruit ( I prefer pink ) and a ton of sugar, adding more as I eat each section with a strawberry on top.My Hubs and me were on a diet once where we ate grapefruits 3 times a day...with that old buddy Sugar Twin on top for sweetness...ick !

BTW, definition of "ancient" is 476 AD or older (before the Fall of the Western Roman Empire ) but you could say instead "Last Century" or "latter part of the 20th century."

Us people who were ALIVE back then are kinda sensitive I guess...LOL

Jana said...

I concur, ice cold pink grapefruit with sugar on top is fantastic. Was this diet the Grapefruit Diet? Wasn't that a fad at some point?

Nonna Beach said...

Yes Jana, it was the Grapefruit Diet and it was a fast weight loss fad...Grapefruit 24-7...we also ate a lot of boiled eggs, cottage cheese and fruit and Horrors...canned, water packed TUNA FISH !!!

It was freakin' crazy but not as bad as the "Chinese Water Torture Diet"

Jana said...

Ha ha! That sounds... awful. So awful.

Nonna Beach said...

It was awful...consisted of water all the time and watery veggies and fruits only. I am so lucky I didn't damage my body/health doing that diet. I lost 25 pounds in a very short time. I was very young (19) and stupid !!!