Sunday, July 4, 2010

Brown Bread Ice Cream

I took a challenge to recreate a historical ice cream recipe. Of course I couldn't do something like vanilla or strawberry! No.

IMG_2949.jpg picture by seshet27

Brown Bread Ice Cream.
3 pints cream.
1 1/4 cups dried brown bread crumbs.
7/8 cup sugar.
1/4 teaspoon salt.

Soak crumbs in one quart cream, let stand fifteen minutes, rub through sieve, add sugar, salt, and remaining cream; then freeze.

IMG_2953.jpg picture by seshet27

Fannie Farmer again! She is weird.

This was reeeeeeaaaally creamy. Really, really, really creamy. It takes forever to melt! Usually ice cream recipes cut the cream with half-and-half or milk. Not this one, man, not this one. In the U.S., ice cream must have no less than 10% milkfat to be labelled ice cream. Some really super premium kinds have 20% milkfat. Heavy cream, which is what I used, must have no less than 36% milkfat.


The creaminess of it was actually the most remarkable part, rather than the bread crumbs. The bread crumbs dissolved into almost nothing. Pointless!

It tasted of very little. Like really bland, solid whipped cream. I may or may not even finish the rest of the batch. I know! Tossing ice cream!


nali said...

maybe you should have put some of your rose water in it for a bit more flavor...

Brock said...

You go girl! Isn't it exciting to try something new? And succeed? I always learn so much in the process. Good job.

So tell us what you think about the culture that invented the brown bread in ice cream... I mean, why would anyone do that?

Jana said...

Maybe mom, maybe.

Brock- I've got to admit, I have a bit of a loss on this one. Perhaps if you made a really molasses-y bread, it'd be more like a ginger cookie ice cream. Any ideas?

Nonna said...

Bread in ice cream ? Ewwww... you win bravery award once again ! Maybe in the past to recycle old bread, they made use of it to stretch ice cream a little farther...who knows what Fannie Farmer was thinking...."Waste not, want not" I'll pass on this one but so fun read about it !!!

Ron said...

I rather liked the ice cream. Especially after I drowned it in strawberry syrup and put a couple of cherries on top. :D

Without all that, it's still pretty tasty. The bread doesn't add anything, but it doesn't make it horrible either.

Rest assured that Jana will not be tossing out the rest of the batch.

Jana said...

NB: That could well be.

This is why husbands are great. :D And hey, you get your own ice cream! Wooooo

Melissa said...

Throw some magic shell on there! It makes anything taste good =)

Nonna said...

Magic Shell ?...yeah, good idea... I'd probably eat it then for sure !

Jana said...

Yes, that's bound to be good!

hippytea said...

Resurrecting an old post here to comment that I'm pretty sure brown bread ice cream is an Irish thing. I've never had it, but maybe it would be nice if the crumbs were toasted and the ice cream was well sweetened? In Scotland we have a dessert called cranachan, which is made of berries, cream, honey and toasted oatmeal - the toasted grain/sweetened cream combo is actually delicious and I feel like this is a similar concept t'at could work well given the right recipe.

Jana said...

That does sound delicious. I'd eat the heck out of that.