Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mom for President! With the help of milk.

Carnation's Easy-Does-It Cookbook [1958]

We Vote YOU 8th Vice President!!!
Take a tip from your husband. Run your home as efficiently as he runs his office! Over 1,000 meals a year makes you a B.H.E. (that's short for Big Household Executive) in your kitchen.

Personalize your office (the kitchen, that is) with gay, attractive curtains and colorful accessories. There are so many inexpensive ones these days! You can afford to change them often.

Organize your work space. No home or apartment kitchen is perfect, but you can store your equipment near the logical food preparation, cooking, and serving areas to make your work easier.

Periodic reorganization isn't just for office efficiency experts. (Or, are you the exceptional woman who remains sweet-tempered when the mixer "conks out" midway through angel cake batter?) Periodically, devote a day to maintenance. Have the knives sharpened, straighten kitchen drawers and shelves, scrub the can opener. Surprising how much difference it makes!

Yayyyyyyy! I'm a Big Household Executive! Yayyyyyy!


Alison said...

Gotcha, B.H.E. Jana! Mum's the word. ;)

I consider my job title to be "Domestic Engineer" since my husband has a degree in engineering!

I still need some "gay" curtains for my kitchen but I just haven't found any cute cherry prints yet!

nali said...

What is with the assumption that all husbands work in an office....or run the office if they DO work there?

Jana said...

Alison: Oooh! Cherry print is super cute.

nali: Because they do. Don't they?