Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Coldspot Freezers dance!

Coldspot Freezer Informational Booklet [1952]

You can dance if you want to!
You can leave your friends behind!
'Cause your friends don't dance with freezers
And if they don't dance with freezers
Well, they're no friends of mine!
Everybody freezer dance!


~~louise~~ said...

Oh that is just too funny, Jana.

Thanks for sharing...

The Meat Biscuit link worked out GREAT! Not only did I include it @ Months of Edible Celebrations, I also included it on My Tasteful Inventions blog.

Thanks again...

Kathleen said...

That's my problem. I didn't get a coldspot brand. I wish I had a dancing freezer, I could just play music and it would cha cha in from the garage so I wouldn't have to go out there. Next time, next time.

Jana said...

Glad you enjoyed, Louise!

Kathleen, we all wish this in our heart of hearts.

Nonna said...

Freezer dance...love it !

I would be a sad cook without my freezer. I often cook and freeze meals ahead for when I want to Coast & chill out...just had some chili I froze before my trip to California...tasted great. I've been in my P.J.'s all day but it's o.k. I'm still on West Coast Time ) Also, I like to freeze stock from meats...they are the perfect base for yummy soups etc. !

BTW, chili and chill out were puns intended

Jana said...