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Roast Beef Pie (1917)

 A Thousand Ways to Please a Husband (1917)

"AHA, I've found you out!" Bettina heard a laughing voice shout as she hurried up the steps.

"Why, Jack, when did you come to town?"

"This afternoon. Went to Bob's office the very first thing, and he insisted on bringing me home with him to dinner. I told him it might 'put you out,' but he spent the time it took to come home assuring me that you were always waiting for company—kept a light ever burning in the window for them and all that. He said that I'd see,—that you'd be on the doorstep waiting for us!"

"And after all that—you weren't here!" said Bob reproachfully.

"I'm just as sorry as I can be not to live up to Bob's picture of me," said Bettina. "I generally am waiting for Bob,—almost on the doorstep if not quite. But this afternoon I've been to a shower for Alice,—do you remember Alice, Jack?"

"Very well. The gay dark-eyed one. You don't mean to say that she's found a man who's lively enough to suit her?"

"Well, she seems to be suited, all right. But I must fly into an apron if you boys are to get any dinner within a half-hour. Jack, you'll have to pardon me if after all of Bob's eloquence I give you a meal of left-overs——"

"Don't apologize to a bachelor, Bettina. He probably won't know left-overs from the real thing," said Bob.

"Bachelors are said to be the most critical of all," she answered. "But I'll do my little best to please."

That night Bettina served:


(All measurements are level)
Roast Beef Pie  (Three portions) 
2 C-chopped cold roast beef 
1 C-gravy 
1 C-cold diced potatoes (cooked)
2 T-chopped onion
1 C-flour
2 t-baking powder
2 t-lard
1/8 t-salt
6 T-milk

Mix the beef, gravy, potato and onion. Place in a shallow buttered baking dish. Make a biscuit dough by cutting the lard into the flour, which has been sifted with the baking powder, and salt, and gradually adding the milk. Pat the dough into shape and arrange carefully on top of the meat. Make holes in the top to allow the steam to escape. Bake in a moderate oven twenty minutes.


Yesterday, I threw some stew beef, onions, carrots, and potatoes in the slow cooker with some water and powdered gravy mix. Bettina informed me that this should be a pot pie, so that is what I did!  

I made the biscuit top as Bettina instructed 

Verdict:  All enjoyed!  I heated up the leftover stew first, so the chill wouldn’t make the underside of the topping all soggy and slimy. In full disclosure, I did have to sub butter for the lard, as that is what I had. Bettina would understand. My husband and two kids marveled at my skills, and it did actually take under half an hour to make and bake!  The crust was lovely and biscuity, and dressed up the leftover stew a lot. 

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