Sunday, June 9, 2024

String Bean and Potato Soup, aka “Sadness Soup”

 Most For Your Money Cookbook (1938)

“Thrifty Europeans, who, as a rule, live better than we do on less, claim that we throw away more than we eat, and that comes too close to the truth to be any comfort to our intelligence. But even if we won't stop wasting and listening to the siren call of radio experts who sell us foodless food, blown up bran at half a dollar a pound and readymixed gingerbread that costs more to make than the finished cake would be at an honest baker's, we certainly can stretch the food dollar by countless culinary tricks, all of which are appetizing, healthful and interesting.”

Life isn’t all cake and sweetbreads!  Sometimes it is the Great Depression.  The unique feature of this cookbook is that the recipes in each section are ordered from cheap to merely thrifty.  This is merely the second cheapest soup in the book. 



In 1 tablespoons butter slowly cook a minced onion, but do not let it color. When tender add a tomato, either fresh or canned, and stir until it thickens. Then add the liquor in which about a pound of green beans have been boiled, and the water from 4-5 potatoes with a little of the potato, well mashed. Season with salt and pepper and pass all through a sieve. Reheat and serve.

The water in which almost any green vegetable has been boiled may be used in this manner. 


Verdict: This soup isn’t bad!  It isn’t good either. It is… warm. I’m almost positive that in a blind comparison between this and water of the same temperature, I would be able to tell which one was soup. Probably. There’s definitely vitamins in there. It will help fend off scurvy. Husband and both girls agreed it was definitely orangish colored, and probably tasted different to water. The girls lovingly renamed this “Sadness Soup” or “Soup of Sorrows,” which I am sure is an affectionate nickname. The dog got a little bit (not too much, because salt), and decided to stop licking the dishwasher door interior in favor of it, so. There you are!  

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