Thursday, December 8, 2016

To prepare chicken in rosemary

In the name of the Holy Trinity, I, Sabina Welserin, begin this cookbook.  God grant me His holy grace and wisdom and understanding and judgement with which I through his Holy will live here in this time and with Him forever.  Amen.  anno 1553. [Courtesy of David Friedman]

This German cookbook has slightly simpler recipes and slightly more sensible numbers of ingredients than the Forme of Curye.  This may be because the author is a member of the merchant class, rather than a cook to royalty.  So let's boil some more raw chicken!  HOORAY.  

To prepare chickens in rosemary. Set the chickens in broth, so that the broth completely covers the chickens. Let them cook about halfway and take rosemary, about the length a finger bone, from the bush. For a meal put a good handful on the chickens, but not too much, so that it does not become bitter. Take after that the livers from all the chickens, let them boil up in the broth and put some good mace therein. Let it cook together well, before you serve it.

Verdict: Rosemary + mace forever!  An unexpectedly great flavor combination.  I put chicken legs, broth, rosemary, and a sprinkle of mace in my InstantPot and cooked it 20 minutes because the chicken was still frozen.  Boiled chicken fat is just not okay, though.  Eaugh.

Not wanting to waste that delicious delicious broth, I picked all the meat off the leftover chicken pieces and put it back in.  The next day, I added rice, peas, and a squeeze of lemon and had fabulous soup.  Really, really good soup.  This combination is probably going into rotation with chicken noodle soup for the day after we have a rotisserie chicken for dinner.

For a 1553-appropriate fix, sear the chicken before boiling or skin it, then take it out when it is cooked and cook some cracked wheat in the broth, so it will be kind of like oatmeal texture.  You have made frumenty! Lay it out on a platter and serve the chicken on top.

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